Family Farm

Farm Veggies

In addition to producing fresh, nutritious, high-quality foods, our small family farm provide a wealth of benefits for our local community. Perhaps most importantly, our family farm serves as responsible steward of the land. For many years, we were not in a position to till the soil and produce any harvest but we are very thankful we can make a responsible stand with this precious land now!

Cabbage Plot

Unlike industrial agriculture operations, which pollute communities with chemical pesticides, noxious fumes and excess manure, our small family farm strives to preserve the surrounding environment for future generations.

The existence of a family farm also guarantees the preservation of green space within the community. Unfortunately, once a family farm is forced out of business, the farmland is often sold for development, and the quality land and soil for farming are lost.

Fresh Beans

The loss of small family farms has dramatically reduced our supply of safe, fresh, sustainably-grown foods; it has contributed to the economic and social disintegration of rural communities; and it is eliminating an important aspect of our national heritage. If we lose our family farms, we'll lose the diversity in our food supply, and what we eat will be dictated to us by a few large corporations.